Wisdom: It Is More Than A Meme 
Thoughts about Career, Love & Life by Women

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I started the Wisdom Project because of my curiosity about other cultures and the values they hold. This book is a subjective look into the hearts of more than 75 women from around the world. Differing points of view and sets of beliefs are reflected in each chapter, but in the end you will find more of a “sameness” in humanity rather than a difference of culture.

Some of the book’s contributors I have known throughout my life, others I met on my Hallmark book tour, some were referred to me by contributors, and others I have never met in person because they are social media connections. I am honored that these women shared their stories so now I can share them with you.

I want you to think of this book as a wise friend when you feel lost or sometimes alone. She can reflect and affirm your heart’s desires. You can visit and revisit her when you need guidance, inspiration, and empathy. Her words are not shallow. They have a depth that you won’t find summarized in a few words on a social media meme.

Wisdom exists in the hearts and lives of these women. It comes from their accumulated experiences and learning. Their joys, longings, obstacles, regrets, growth, reflections, courage, fears, remorse, suffer‐ ing, and redemption are revealed in their heartfelt words. There is a universality to their stories. You will feel a connection to each woman, as though she is speaking only to you, even though she may live on the other side of the world.

The wisdom given to you in these pages is cross-generational and cross-cultural, and it does not have an age limit. Life experiences start the day we are born; therefore, wisdom can be given and received by a woman half or twice our age.

As we seek, find, and receive it, wisdom becomes a gift we pass along to others. For this reason, please fill out your own chapter at the end of the book, then share it with another woman. Wisdom is not stagnant. It is meant to move forward and expand and connect us with others.

Wisdom is our friend and guide. She is here today and for eternity. She’s more than a meme.

—Elisabeth Yarrow