Wisdom: It is more than a meme 
Thoughts about Career, Love & Life by Women

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I started The Wisdom Project because of my curiosity about other cultures and the values they hold. This book is an attempt to show the “sameness” of humanity rather than differences that are being feared today. This book is subjective, there are no hidden agendas or particular points of view. The words here are strictly from the heart.

The book is a curated look into the hearts of more than 75 women. Their joys, longings, obstacles, regrets, growth, reflection, courage, fear, remorse, suffering, and redemption are revealed.

Wisdom exists in the hearts and lives of each of these women. Their words come from their experiences and accumulated learning over time. Their wisdom has depth, it is far more than guidance you might happen to find on a social media meme.

The goal of this book is to be a friend when you feel lost or sometimes alone. She will reflect and affirm your heart’s desires. Visit and revisit her when you need guidance, inspiration, and empathy.

Wisdom does not have an age limit, as you will read in these pages. Instead, it is the gift we receive, then we pass along to other women. We are all seeking to find our way in the world. The wisdom here is limitless, cross-generational and cross-cultural. It is eternal.

Wisdom, she’s our friend and guide. She’s more than a meme.

-Elisabeth Yarrow