Destination Dream Job

Destination Dream Job: A Ladies’ Guide To The Job Search

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Elisabeth Yarrow Wants to Help You:

  • Discover what your dream job looks and feels like it
  • Find the job, get an initial interview then proceed to speak with the hiring manager
  • Land the job, and negotiate your new, higher salary
  • Start your first week at your dream job strong and self-assured

Learn from Elisabeth’s experiences, mistakes, and successes. Destination Dream Job has the potential to fast-forward your career 5-10 years, reduce your job search time, increase your annual salary and keep you laughing rather than crying during the whole job search process. The job search can be overwhelming, but you will not be alone.

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Wave hello to the job you love! Say goodbye to unemployment or the job you hate. This is a ladies’ trip. The destination is your dream job. To get there, you’ll need every competitive advantage for today’s job market. Elisabeth Yarrow tells her job search stories and shows you how to compete, and step-by-step how to land your dream job. You’ll get some encouragement, enjoy a little camaraderie, and gain a whole lot of sass. Destination Dream Job includes four essential parts:

  • MAP & DEPARTURE: You’ll chart your course to determine: what job you want, where you’ve been, where you want to go, and how much money you want to earn.
  • DREAM TEAM: You’ll arrive at success with these motivated, generous and supportive friends. Success is a collective effort. These friends will be with you throughout your working life.
  • PACKING LIST: You’ll develop a to-do list, so you don’t forget any critical job search necessities.
  • LANDING & ARRIVAL: You’ll land your dream job and know what to do once you receive your offer letter.