Our mission is to create incomparable products that equip and inspire women to succeed.


Our vision is to be a company that empowers women to believe in their dreams and to achieve what sometimes feels impossible.

Values That Guide Us

  • EMPOWERMENT: When women help other women win, we all RISE.
  • EQUALITY: We value diversity because diversity is normal. ALL women deserve equal rights, opportunity, and pay.
  • GIVING: A woman is at her best when she is actively contributing her unique talents and strengths, experiences and perspectives.
  • GROWTH: A woman can learn confidence, achieve self-assuredness, and find her voice by taking action. Fear is an opportunity to grow.
  • DETERMINATION: When a woman gets knocked down she must stand up, dream bigger and work harder ’til she achieves what she wants.
  • MANNERS: We believe in directly communicating with kindness and respect. We have a zero tolerance policy for oppression, harassment, and bullying of any kind. We aren’t afraid to call out, and block disrespect.