Destination Dream Job by Elisabeth Yarrow

“Destination Dream Job” encourages readers to think about their job search as a journey with their dream job as the destination. Through the course of the book, readers design a “map” to help determine the job and salary they want to achieve, build a “dream team” to enlist at every step and turn, and create a “packing list” for interviews, including tips for the right interview outfit, powerful questions and answers, and a thoughtful salary negotiation script.

Where the book provides instruction to help women act on their dream job, the gifts are the visual, daily reminders Yarrow wants readers to see in their apartments, dorm rooms, and cubicles, for example, as a reminder and an inspiration to dream big, plan bigger and make it happen. Yarrow brings both the chapters of “Destination Dream Job” and gifts to life with fashion and iconic Chicago architecture illustrations by French designer Morgane Bezou.